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Ms Lilypants

Our most important member. All though she went to heaven on July 19th, 2018, she is still very vital to our organization. She is our inspiration and our motivation. Lily suffered from Zellweger Spectrum Disorder. Lily required 24/7 care between her nurses and parents. Lily was a joy to care for every single day.


Taylor Costello (On Left) is one of 2 founders of Lily's List as well as our Acting Director. She is the Mom of Lily. After losing Lily to Zellweger Spectrum Disorder, she has decided to dedicate her time to helping those with similar needs to Lily.


Jessia Wolff, LCSW, is mom to Lily, a surviving twin, a micro-preemie, and a medically fragile child. Her experience as being a parent to a medically fragile child as well as being a love box recipient is a valuable resource to the Lily's List board. Day to day Jess provides insight on how we can better provide for our families and make sure our Love Boxes are constantly providing every item possible to make sure our families make a smooth transition home.


Whitney Stohr, JD/LLM, is mom to Malachi, a medically-complex kid, and a former Love Box recipient. She is a full-time homeschooling mom, caregiver, and advocate living in Seattle with her husband, Jason.


Nicole Harris is a mom to two boys. The youngest, Oakley, is a medically complex preemie, Oakley. As a former recipient of Lily's List Love Box, Nicole knows how valuable the items are to families like hers. She has turned other medically complex families to Lily's List when discharged from the hospital and is now excited to be a board member and carry out this work for more families who need it.


Julie St. George is the mom to micro-preemie twin boys Garrett and Austin. Garrett spent five months in the NICU and was a gtube baby. Austin continued to be medically complex and was also a love box recipient when he came home from his 18-month hospital stay. Love boxes provide items to help make this transition, which can be a bit overwhelming, much smoother, and more organized.


Katie is a mom to Liam and Charlotte. Katie has known Taylor and Joey since the beginning of Lily's List. Liam was born extremely medically complex. After a week in the NICU and multiple medical interventions, Liam passed in the arms of his mom and dad. Katie and Taylor bonded over being bereaved mothers and formed a kinship that led to her continuous involvement with Lily's List. Katie is extremely excited to serve on the board and provide input from the Nursing world.