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Ms Lilypants

Our most important member. All though she went to heaven on July 19th, 2018, she is still very vital to our organization. She is our inspiration and our motivation. Lily suffered from Zellweger Spectrum Disorder. Lily required 24/7 care between her nurses and parents. Lily was a joy to care for every single day.


Taylor Costello (On Left) is one of 2 founders of Lily's List as well as our Acting Director. She is the Mom of Lily. After losing Lily to Zellweger Spectrum Disorder, she has decided to dedicate her time to helping those with similar needs to Lily.


Joey Costello (On Left) is our other founder of Lily's List. Along with being Father to Lily, Joey is an Active Duty Marine Corps Officer. Here at Lily's List he serves as our Marketing and Social Media adviser.


Emily Erickson, MSW, is our in house Social Worker. As a member of our board, Emily helps us excel at better understanding our patients as well as keeping us up to date on grants, changes in social laws, and making our organization as efficient as it can be.


Michelle Van Gent is our Financial Advisory Consultant. Michelle's board activity helps us day in and day out to strive to use our donations to the best of our ability.


Mariah Lofgran, RN, BSN, PHN is our Nursing Adviser. Her role here at Lily's List is vital in keeping us up to date on HIPAA policies, nursing/ health care changes, and helping us continue to be our best for our pediatric patients.


Jessia Wolff, LCSW, is mom to Lily, a surviving twin, a micro-preemie, and a medically fragile child. Her experience as being a parent to a medically fragile child as well as being a love box recipient is a valuable resource to the Lily's List board. Day to day Jess provides insight on how we can better provide for our families and make sure our Love Boxes are constantly providing every item possible to make sure our families make a smooth transition home.