parent request form

for labeling organizers, white board, and supplies
to help nurses and parents accurately chart without searching on a watch or phone
to keep track of important information for nurses, doctors, and parents
medical supplies needed to be grounded to protect the child
cleans out gtube, trach, and oxygen tubing. As well as syringes
warms up food for child, most NICU and PICU are equipped with one
to organize all the supplies the child will have; gauzes, tubing, syringes, etc.
to organize the different cords that the child will have
keeps medical documents and important documents organized
a designated space for family to dry child’s supplies
cleans larger areas that the straw brushes can’t
for children who have g-tubes; These are great for cleaning out their gtube connectors as they get incredibly sticky and sometimes clogged. This helps prolong the life of the connector. It is more flexible than the straw brush cleaners.
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