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parent testimonials

“I met Taylor and Joey while our babies were in the NICU together. My son was there for four months and while we always daydreamed about taking him home, we were blissfully ignorant as to what going home would actually entail. A few weeks before discharge, Taylor, Joey and Lily stopped by the hospital with a box full of helpful items we would benefit from. I was so caught up in everything going on that I hadn’t even started thinking about or preparing for the stuff we would need at home to help with Wesson’s cares.

This love box was truly a gift for me. I was able to focus more on Wesson being home and less on obtaining much needed items. They even thought about the fact we would have boxes and boxes of supplies waiting on us with no way to organize them in a practical, effective way and provided us with a way to save space and make access to Wesson’s supplies functional. I credit Lily’s List as a huge reason our transition to home was as smooth as it was. In addition to the items being a huge help, it was also a show of understanding, love and compassion from one set of medically needy parents to another. None of us want to be in this position but the support and love from Lily’s List was a sign that someone else out there gets it and that we aren’t in this alone. And that is priceless.“
- Deja and Wesson

“Lily's List is a wonderful organization and an amazing tribute to one special little girl. The people behind this organization are incredibly caring and thoughtful. When we brought our son home from the hospital after seven long months, we were overwhelmed with the amount of care he needed being so medically fragile and still so young. They teach you how to provide that medical support when you're in the hospital, and they connect you with medical supply companies for all the essential equipment that is needed. But, it isn't until you get home and stumble through those first weeks, or you learn from more experienced parents, who also have had a medically complex child, about items that, while not medically essential, are still absolutely necessary for you to provide the best possible care and healthy home environment for your child. That is where Lily's List stepped in for us. They sent my family an amazing Love Box full of items that we use everyday. They helped make the transition from the hospital to our home so much easier, and we are so very grateful.“
- Whitney Stohr

“Lily’s List is an important and gracious organization that has made an immense impact on our family. Lily’s parents know from personal experience what it is like to live in the NICU with the dream of coming home with your baby. However, once that dream becomes a reality, parents are thrown into a new world. It is world that we weren’t entirely prepared for at first and Lily’s List was there to help with that transition and beyond. “

Caring for a child with medical needs has its own set of rules and nuances. Lily’s List understands that because they’ve lived it. Their thoughtfully curated care package helped shorten the learning curve and set us up for success early on in caring for our son Enzo outside of the hospital. From something as simple as a power strip and cord ties to tools to organize our life and keep everyone on the same page with Enzo’s care, so much thought and time was put into this package to help families. It not only saved us multiple trips in our first few days home, but it helped us develop a long term strategy that is invaluable.

We’ve been so fortunate to connect with this family and organization. Not only are they generous but they are connected, keeping up with our progress and being a supportive voice when we need it most. We are honored to have their support and to be a recipient of Lily’s List’s generosity. Everything they do is done with love and compassion and it is such a fitting tribute to the memory of their beautiful daughter.

Thank you!“
- The Staccones. Derek, Danielle and Enzo